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Today's Specials
We display our specials here Monday-Friday

Today is November 20, 2017
1.  We Display Our Daily Specials Here Monday - Friday!

2.  Chicken Empanada, Cheese Empanada, and Beef Empanada $2.00 each

3.  Pasta. Salad. $ 4.99 lb

4.  Chopped antipasto salad. $ 8.99
Chopped meats as supressata ,ham ,pepperoni , provolone , American cheese , celery , bk olives , red peppers , carrots !!! All mixed with salt bk pepper oregano olive oil and house dressing

5.  Garden Salad w/ Grilled Chicken. $6.25
Fresh romaine lettuce ripe tomatoe , cucumber ,carrots , Olives, onions & grilled chicken

6.  Chicken Savoy $8.95
Pieces of chicken breast ,on garlic balsamic sauce Served over roasted potatoes &grilled vegetables

7.  Penne Pasta on Vodka Sauce. $8.50
Sautéed onions,prosciutto ,Bacon, w/ vodka & tomatoe cream sauce

8.  Chicken Brushcceta. $9.75
Piece of boneless chicken Breast w/ home made salsa ,on white wine sauce & fresh mozzarella

9.  Broiled Tilapia San Remo $ 10.99

10.  Baked Manicotti. w / Meatballs. $8.95
3 pieces of Baked manicotti with 2 meat balls Melt mozzarella on the top with marinara sauce

11.  Lunch Box #7. (Ham. Swiss) $6.99
Ham and Swiss Sandwich on round roll w/ Lettuce; Tomato, mayo, a can of soda, side of Potato or Macaroni Salad.